Corporate Sponsorships
For Fairs and Festivals

Even for the smallest fair of festival, professional entertainment is affordable. The impact created by a performer lives long after the debate as to whether or not he was too expensive. Give them a good show, and patrons will stay longer and spend more money. Food vendors can attest to that. More importantly, satisfied patrons come back ( and they bring their friends)!

Look around you. Many organizations or businesses in your community may qualify as potential sponsors. Check with local sororities and fraternities, Elks, Moose, Eagles, Mansons, the DAR and the VFW. Try grocery stores, service stations, newspapers and convenience stores. Don't overlook the friendly neighborhood dentist, optometrist, barber, veterinarian, pharmacist and sanitation company. How about the gas company or propane distributor. The local cable television or satellite dish company is worth a try, Your event may qualify for grant money available through your state arts commission.

Often companies such as Wal-Mart,7-Il ,Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Hardees have corporate funds available to kick in on community cultural activities. Check with the local distributors of feed, seed, farm machinery and fertilizer. Talk to automotive dealers, as well as distributors of soft drinks, hot dogs, beer and other products that are likely to be consumed in quantity at you event.

Present a potential sponsor with a written proposal. He'll want to know how many years the event has been in operation, the attendance record, and what attractions are offered at the event. Let him know what he'll receive for his dollar (do you offer gate admission tickets to him to be used for promotion?). Show him the advertising program in which he'll be included, Will space be provided on the grounds for display of his product? Do you have a variety of events to offer? Be sure the sponsorship package is compatible to the potential sponsor's image, and be flexible. A company could be interested in a facet of the event that you may not have considered.

When securing sponsorship, start at the local level and begin your campaign early. Advertising budgets are prepared before the start of the calendar year. To participate in this budget, the event representative needs to have all facts and figures listed for presentation before that budget has been allocated.

Once you have secured a sponsorship package, a contract should be prepared and signed by both parties. It should clearly emphasize the details of you agreement, including payment schedules (try to get full payment before the event is over). It is also helpful to mail a statement to the sponsor a week before the final payment is due. This serves as a reminder and eliminates any misunderstandings.